song 118 is cool as hell it’s a demo from the new lvl up 7” ‘extra worlds’ it’s the song ‘totally ruined’ and it’s a more lofi/weirder version and honestly i fucking love it. one of my favorite things about lvl up is how “huge” their songs feel and when i heard this and how it totally doesn’t have that element at all, i fell in love and i dont know why. something about the still “huge” songwriting & guitars stripped down to a more lofi & minimal core totally changes the feel of the song and it’s really really cool.

this is probably my favorite song from the new 7” and one of my favorite lvl up songs to date. i was really excited when dave sent me it to be included here. i have another really fucking awesome song from one of my favorite bands to post in a day or two (actually one of my favorite bands covering another one of my favorite bands, so yeah, way stoked)

but yeah get into it. im linking from their soundcloud purely cause im super lazy but i think you can download it there so that’s rad. also the new comp is up in like any number of days now, considering i have more than 2 songs lined up to post and only 2 more till we hit the next 40!

cool day all around. check lvl up on tour i think i can’t remember if they’re touring touring or just like playing shows but i know they’re touring this summer. actually we’re jumping on part of it in august so that rules.