okay so im about to probably spam you with songs from this album just before it’s release (as long as chel doesn’t go back on it and not release it) but it’s so fucking incredible and i’ve had it for a little while now and i’ve just been in love with it and iv’e been dying to share something from it and tonight rach tweeted about releasing it maybe so i asked if i could share a song from it first.

well im going to share it two because i absolutely cannot pick one but i’m starting with this one called ‘you’re not the only monster from hell’ 

her band name in this case is ‘R.L. Kelly’ but she’s also done stuff under a variety of names and in collaboration with a variety of people in the past - including myself and our best friend mat cothran. 

rachel levy the realest in the game forever we love you a lot 

listen to this shit

it’s gonna change ur day and ur life

and i’m posting another from it soon even if she releases it first idfc

listen to this